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              President Wan Xiaofang visits Bauer Group (Germany) and CIFA Company (Italy) for negotiation on business cooperation

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              On April 24, 2018, Wan Xiaofang, President of Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL) led a team to visit Bauer Group (Germany) for business cooperation talks with Mr. Dieter Stetter, President of Bauer Group, Mr. Konrad Regnath, Market Director of Bauer Technology (Far East) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Marc C.Scheib, Executive Director of Bauer Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., etc.

              According to Mr. Dieter Stetter, President of Bauer Group (Germany), Bauer Group is one of the world's most famous professional infrastructure (foundation works) contractors and equipment manufacturers. With a history back to 1790 and headquarters in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany, Bauer’s business covers a number of sectors such as foundation works, drilling construction, infrastructure equipment and deep well drilling equipment manufacturing, resource development as well as environmental protection technology services and equipment sales etc. Currently, Bauer employs nearly 11000 employees from 80 countries and regions, with a representative office in Beijing, China, Bauer (Tianjin) Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd in Tianjin, and Bauer Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in Shanghai.

              According to Mr. Dieter Stetter, President of Bauer Group, currently there is a bigger demand for construction machinery in the global market, more than 85% of Bauer’s machinery are exported, and the demand growth of construction machinery in China's market accounts for 80% of that in the global market. Bauer keeps good relations of cooperation with many financial companies in the world, with 90% of its sales revenues from the way of financing lease. Due to more special characteristics and stronger professional technology of Bauer’s equipment as well as weaker participation of traditional banks, Bauer welcomes and is also willing to cooperate with financial leasing companies, and hopes that both sides can achieve win-win cooperation.

              Ms. Wan Xiaofang, President of MFL and Mr. Dieter Stetter, President of Bauer Group

              Members of MFL’s study team and executives of Bauer Group

              President Wan Xiaofang showed the overall situation of China Minsheng Bank (CMB) and MFL, and said that German industrial manufacturing is a representative of global high-end and precision equipment, and MFL would attach great importance to the development of construction machinery market, and simultaneously continue to increase support for the construction machinery market. After understanding Bauer Group’s history, professional technology, market competitiveness, future sales strategy in Chinese market and marketing policy support for large high-quality customers, etc, President Wan Xiaofang expressed that in addition to the cooperation between both sides on the traditional financing lease mode, MFL could also carry out close cooperation with Bauer in the aspects of Bauer's sales market and large high-quality customer group in China to further broaden the cooperation mode, jointly developing operating lease business of construction machinery.

              After completing the study in Bauer Group, President Wan Xiaofang led the team to visit CIFA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoomlion in Italy for exchange of business cooperation on April 26, 2018. Marco, Global Sales Director of CIFA, Alessandro, General Manager of Financial Leasing, Carlo, General Manager of CIFA Quality Management, and related personnel of both sides attended the meeting.

              (President Wan Xiaofang and head of CIFA Company exchange business cooperation)

              Marco, Global Sales Director of CIFA, said that since 2008 CIFA has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoomlion in Italy, with 50 patents worldwide, 12 registered trademark, six production lines and four assembly center, which 50%-60% of products are sold in Europe. And CIFA has carried out mature financing leasing business in Italy. After the completion of new crane and forklift production line in Europe, CIFA will need sustained financial support and hope to achieve strategic cooperation with Minsheng Financial Leasing.

              (MFL’s study team conducts field research in CIFA Company)

              President Wan Xiaofang first gave her congratulations on the 90th anniversary of CIFA, and expressed her admiration for CIFA's commitment to innovation for many years and achievements of industry design awards in the industry, etc. Then, she showed CIFA that, MFL as the first financial leasing company in China to implement construction machinery manufacturer leasing, both sides should make good use of their location and funds advantages in the future to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, to enhance the level of strategic synergy and to promote strategic development for realization of a new jump.

              (MFL’s study team conducts field trip at SOILMEC SpA , Italy)

              On April 27, 2018, Lu Ning, President of MFL’s Vehicle Leasing BU led a delegation to conduct business talks with Mr. Riccardo Losappio, President of SOILMEC SpA, Italy, and Mr. Giuliano Ghirardelli, President of Asia-Pacific Operations etc. SOILMEC SpA is affiliated to TREVI Group--a global leader in the field of special infrastructure construction. In May 2009, SOILMEC SpA invested in China and established SOILMEC (Wujiang) Machinery Co., Ltd., namely a global base integrating equipment inventory, assembly, debugging, sales and after-sales. The head of SOILMEC SpA hopes to further strengthen business cooperation in the Chinese market by virtue of MFL’s financial advantages and industry position in the field of construction machinery leasing.
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