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                  Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL) and Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Tianjin Branch sign a strategic cooperation agreement of 50 billion Yuan

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                  In the past several days, as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL), MFL signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Tianjin Branch. The persons who attended the signing ceremony include Li Jian, MFL’s Deputy Party Secretary, and Chairman of Board of Supervisors; Luo Mingyan, Vice President of MFL; Zhou Yinghui, General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of PSBC; Zong Qingfeng, Party Secretary and President of PSBC Tianjin Branch; Kong Wei, Vice President of PSBC Tianjin Branch and the heads of responsible departments of both sides.

                  Zong Qingfeng, Party Secretary and President of PSBC Tianjin Branch expressed that PSBC would always uphold the development concept of “progress together with you”, combine with the actual market demand to improve its own product system and service solutions, and actively provide a package of efficient, professional and perfect financial service solutions for MFL. In the future, both sides would make good use of PSBC’s network advantage and capital strength to further strengthen cooperation and exchange, to improve the level and grade of strategic synergy, and to improve innovative ability, promoting the strategic development to realize new leapfrog.

                  Li Jian, MFL’s Deputy Party Secretary, and Chairman of Board of Supervisors said that MFL would fully play the leasing advantages, work together with PSBC, and follow the national strategies to serve the real economy. On the basis of traditional credit business, both sides would deepen the cooperation in a number of sectors such as trade financing, foreign exchange loans, bonds investment and investment banking business etc to realize mutual benefit win-win situation. He expected that the good cooperation between MFL and PSBC Tianjin Branch would become a model of cooperation be

                  tween banks and financial leasing companies.Luo Mingyan, Vice President of MFL and Kong Wei, Vice President of PSBC Tianjin Branch signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on behalf of their own units respectively. According to the agreement, PSBV would provide intentional financial support with a total amount of not less than 50 billion Yuan accumulatively to MFL in the next five years, including but not limited to interbank lending, bonds investment, asset-backed securitization, investment banking business, financial business of supply chain and other relevant financing credit services of local and foreign currencies.

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