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        Let the soundless world be filled with love - MSFL celebrated Children’s Day with hearing-impaired children

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        On June 1st, with all the best wishes from the employees and led by the Union Chairman and Executive Vice President, Wang Rong, a group of employees from MSFL visited the Sha Liwen Rehabilitation Centre in the Haidian District of Beijing and brought presents to the children who had lost their hearing and were in the process of undergoing rehabilitation.

        According to the teacher at the Rehabilitation Centre, most of the hearing-impaired children were under six years old. There were many reasons for their hearing impairment, the most common one being that they were treated at a very young age by quack doctors who gave them incorrect injections or prescriptions , thus damaging their nerve systems. Thanks to the hearing rehabilitation programme, most of the children regained their hearing without having to spend the rest of their life in a soundless world. As most of the children came from poor families in remote regions, although their parents had temporary jobs in Beijing (while their children were receiving medical treatment), the cost of treatment put huge pressure on their family finances. An imported cochlea can easily cost over 100 thousand yuan, and even a domestically made one can cost several ten thousand yuan, according to the teacher at the rehabilitation centre.

        With the help of cochleas and hearing aids, the children put on a show for the visitors and happily expressed words such as “Uncle”, “Auntie”, “Sisters”. They moved everyone who witnessed the scene.

        Children living in a soundless world need more love. Before leaving the rehabilitation centre, Vice President Wang Rong, on behalf of all the employees at MSFL, expressed their best wishes for all the children, wishing them a happy childhood.

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