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        1. Commercial vessel leasing

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          Business Field

          Bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships

          Vessel model exhibition
          • Bulk carriers
          • oil tankers
          • container ships
          Business model

          Financial leasing, operating lease, percentage rental, sublease, leveraged lease, joint tenancy, sales and leaseback, domestic and foreign direct leasing.

          Consultancy service
          • 船舶选型:

            We can provide the clients with the advisory services of ships and main equipment type-selection, and unite with a number of domestic excellent design institutes to jointly develop the ships design programs mostly suitable for the clients.

          • 船舶建造:

            We choose the shipyard according to the requirements of clients in the aspects of ship prices, delivery time and technical ability of shipyard etc, and can recommend the first class supervision team of shipbuilding projects to the clients during the construction of the ships.

          • 船舶管理:

            With the cooperative relations with a large number of domestic and foreign ships operation managers, we can recommend excellent ship management companies to the owners.

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