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                          Ship Chartering

                          Current location:Home –> Business Field –> Ship Chartering

                          General Overview

                          As a leading ship leasing services provider in Asia, Minsheng Financial Leasing is mainly engaged in merchant ship, marine equipment, cold chain logistics, distant fishery, port and other leasing business, having 300 and more vessels; it has established good cooperative relationship with well-known ship-owners, shipyard, ship financing bank, institutional investors and agencies, competent authorities-in-charge, and so on, both at home and abroad, and by virtue of the professional capability, international perspective and innovative spirit of its team, it offers overall leasing solutions, being one of the ship leasing companies which is of largest scale in China and most influential in the world.

                          business breakthrough

                          • The first domestic company to conduct operation leasing of marine engineering and ship.
                          • Carry out the first domestic financial leasing project, where credit assets are transferred to financial products.
                          • Launch the first project of partial property right direct leasing.
                          • Launch the first project of fishery ship leasing.
                          • Create sharing leasing model in domestic financing and leasing sector.
                          • Carry out the first ship export rebates.

                          Honor & Award

                          • Gold Wheel Award in 2013.
                          • The Marine Equipment Leasing Transaction Of the Year in 2014 conferred by Marine Money.
                          • “Innovation Prize for the First Bill of Ship Export Lease Trade Under Remote Customs Supervision in China” awarded by the 1st Session of China International Forum on Maritime Finance (Dongjiang) in 2015.
                          • “Structural Innovation Prize for the First Bill of Lease on Domestic Sales of Commodities Originally Produced for Exports in China” awarded by the 2nd Session of China International Forum on Maritime Finance (Dongjiang) in 2016.

                          Corporate Responsibilities

                          • The standing director of China Shipowners Association.
                          • The council member of China Classification Society.
                          • The committee member of China Classification Society.
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