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                          • Marine equipment leasing

                            Current location:Home –> Business Field –> Ship Chartering –> Marine equipment leasing
                            Business Field
                            Drilling engineering equipment: self-elevating drilling platform, semi-submersible drilling platform, and drilling ship. 
                            Underwater engineering equipment: pipe laying ship, cable laying vessel and underwater engineering maintenance ship. 
                            Marine auxiliary ship: three-purpose ships, platform supply ships, guard ships. 
                            Production facilities and equipment: floating production platform, tension leg platform.
                            Gas carriers: LNG carriers, LPG carriers, and ethylene carriers.
                            Special ships: LNG tanker, LPG tanker, chemical tanker, roll-on roll-off ship, car carriers, semi-submersible carriers.
                            Vessel model exhibition
                            • Drilling platform
                            • underwater engineering equipment
                            • marine auxiliary ship 
                            Business Model

                            Financial leasing, operating lease, percentage leasing, leveraged leasing, etc.

                            Consultancy service
                            • 船舶管理:

                              With the cooperative relations with a large number of domestic and foreign ships operators and brokers, we can recommend excellent ship management companies to the owners.

                            • 船舶建造:

                              And we have long stable cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign shipyards, and can recommend the first class supervision team of shipbuilding projects to the clients during the construction of the ships.

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