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                      We will provide direct leasing of domestic and foreign corporate aircrafts and after-sale leaseback services for the clients, and in aircraft purchase consulting, agent aircraft purchasing, tax planning, aircraft implementation and management, assets management, salvage treatment and other aspects, provide diversified services and corporate aircraft financial solutions of the whole industry chain.


                      Corporate aircrafts, helicopters and other general aircrafts, aircraft engines, flight simulator, aviation supplies and other aviation equipment, etc.

                      Business characteristics

                      We will adopt financial means to integrate the whole industry chain, build the industry platform of corporate aircrafts in China, and establish a complete channel among vendors, clients and suppliers so as to quickly meet the actual needs of corporate aircraft market.

                      Business model
                      • The whole industry chain service: The diversified and professional services of corporate aircrafts in the whole process including plane purchase consulting, agent purchasing, tax planning, implementation and management consulting, introduction of aircraft, assets management, residuals disposal etc.
                      • The flexible supporting financing leasing pattern in and outside China: As for our company’s leasing business of corporate aircrafts, in Chinese Mainland it will be implemented according to the projects in free trade zone of with overseas nature, and outside Chinese mainland it will be carried out smoothly relying on our company’s platform in Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland.
                      • Cost advantage: With the establishment of strategic cooperation alliances with the world’s mainstream business aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, our company has obtained the earlier aircrafts, lower prices, excellent after-sales service and other preferential conditions; we can provide professional tax planning to avoid one-time payment of the full import duties, achieving the installment payment of tax in accordance with the rentals.
                      • The financing advantage: We can provide large amounts of financing support for the lessee to solve the financial problems of purchasing aircraft assets.
                      • Value-added services: We will at the spare time of the aircraft introduce other customers to use the aircraft of lessees, and take the way of "full use of the aircraft" to reduce operating costs, and to create profits for the lessee.
                      • Assets management: We will provide professional advice and consultation of implementation and management to ensure the preservation and appreciation of assets value in the leasing period, and provide aircraft salvage treatment and aircraft replacement services for the lessee at the end of the leasing term.