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              Cold-chain fishery leasing

              Current location:Home –> Business Field –> Ship Chartering –> Cold-chain fishery leasing
              Business Field
              Cold chain business: we develop financing lease business and operating lease business for the frozen food trading markets, agricultural products trading markets, transportation hub distribution centers, warehousing and logistics centers and the third party logistics enterprises in the large and medium-sized cities and transportation hub cities.
              Port business: to participate in the construction of large national comprehensive ports, and jointly with domestic first-class construction enterprises develop the traditional financing lease business, port logistics and warehousing business, as well as assets statement preparation business of listed port companies.
              Fishing boat business: with ocean fishing vessel financing lease as the main business, our business covers the sectors of aquaculture, aquatic products processing, building and repairing of fishing boats, fishing port development and other business.
              Vessel model exhibition
              • Ocean fishing boats
              • cold chain
              • port 
              Business model

              Financial leasing, operating leasing, percentage leasing, sales & leaseback, direct leasing, assets statement preparation business etc.

              Consultancy service
              • Full range of financial services:
                Taking into account the integration of the whole industry chain including cold chain, fisheries, ports, logistics etc, we provide a full range of financial solutions covering products, financing and professional supports etc for the upstream and downstream relevant clients of the industry chain, including jointly with Minsheng Bank to provide financial derivative services for the small and micro clients in the trading market.

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