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                        Electronic equipment leasing

                        Current location:Home –> Business Field

                        Mainly provide service for wise city, big data, Internet Plus, the integration of telecommunications, radio and TV, and Internet, the construction of communication network, the application of satellite and Beidou navigation satellite system, robot, e-finance and other industries; and also provide service for electronic information industries, including film and TV media, tourist equipment and railway transportation. It provides comprehensive leasing solution ranging from capital, products and business support, based on customers’ actual demands.


                        Fixed asset of electronic equipment, including server, exchanger, equipment cabinet, large power and electrical equipment, professional modular, telecommunication cable and etc.
                        Fixed asset of professional equipment,including ATM, film projector, data

                        Target customer

                        Data center operator and general contractor and the general contractor and operator of wise city project.
                        Broadcast television network operator, electronic equipment manufacturer, the provider of Beidou navigation system for the civil business, cinema

                        Business characteristics
                        Focus on emerging electronic information industry, including wise city, big data and new-generation internet communication.
                        Carry out operation leasing, centering on data center, telecommunication network and electronic equipment leasing.
                        Provide investment and financing consultancy related to asset acquisition, restructuring and etc., with the accumulated customer resources in the industry.
                        Business model
                        • Traditional aftersales leaseback and direct leasing.
                        • Center on investment-oriented leasing business such as operation leasing and sharing leasing, based on customers’ actual demands.
                        • Provide target customers with a variety of financial leasing services in line with their strategic development and the merger of industrial chain by taking advantage of accumulated resources in information industry.
                        Classical cases