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      MSFL relying on strong support from shareholders of Minsheng Bank, and gradually open up the market by purchasing the asset package, leaseback, sublease and other modified business model, the accumulation of high-quality customers, now has more than 30 aircraft were leased to more than 10 Asian and European airlines. The company will continue to expand the international and domestic aviation market, and strive to become the Asia-Pacific region's leading commercial aircraft leasing company and an international commercial aircraft leasing market is an important participant, personalized leasing and financing services to airlines worldwide.


      Narrow-body aircraft-based, wide-body aircraft, supplemented by model: mainstream civil aircraft manufacturer's mainstream models.

      Target customer

      Airlines, leasing companies.

      Business characteristic

      with the narrow-body aircraft as the features and wide-body aircraft as the expansion direction of our company.

      A number of leasing products such as direct leasing, sales and leaseback, business leasing etc

      Implement the purchase of assets package, batch purchasing rental, modification for sub-leasing, joint procurement and other business.

      Adopt diversified financing structure such as mezzanine financing, asset package financing, asset securitization, directional bonds etc.

      Structural tax leasing

      We will utilize the preferential tax policies of foreign countries and regions to lease equipment in leasing way through cooperation with overseas institutions and then sub-lease to the lessees so that the tenants can share the tax concessions of other countries.

      Business features: 
      The lower risk of overseas institutions is helpful for domestic enterprises to obtain the most favorable rental levels. 
      The ownership, risk-taking, and accounting records are determined by the form of rent.

      Enjoy preferential tax policies of other countries to reduce the level of rent.

      The leasing structure is simple for the lessees who can enjoy a more reliable enjoy right. 

      To avoid the export restrictions of other countries 

      Asset package transaction 

      Minsheng Leasing purchases the assets with leasing agreement from other leasing companies or sell the assets with leasing agreements to other leasing companies.

      Business characteristics: 
      The transaction objects are mainly leasing companies. 
      Share customer resources, expand the existing customers. 
      Adjust the aircrafts structure and assets quality according to the requirements of two parties of the transaction.

      The sales and leaseback of tenant’s deliveries

      The lessee sells the  held bdeliveries by itself to Minsheng Financial Leasing in fair value and then leases such deliveries from Minsheng Financial Leasing in financing or operational leasing way.  

      Business characteristics: 
      Liquidate assets by coordinating the enterprise to ease liquidity shortage of the lessee
      Enjoy tax advantages

      Operational leasing of our own deliveries

      We purchase the equipment from the manufacturers of aircrafts and engines according to the plan of our Company and market forecast, and then lease the equipment to the lessees, but our company (Minsheng Financial Leasing) enjoys the ownership of the equipment. 

      Business characteristics: 
      Upon expiration of the lease term, equipment can be rented continuously to or purchased by the lessees, also can be sold or re-leased out by Minsheng Financial Leasing. The lessees can flexibly adjust the aircraft fleet.
      Reduce the debt risk and cash flow pressure of the lessees. 

      The financing lease of our deliveries

      Minsheng Financial Leasing purchases equipment from the manufacturers of aircrafts and engines according to its plan and market forecast, and then leases the equipment to the lessees, but the lessees enjoy the ownership of the equipment on expiration of the lease. 

      Business characteristics: 
      Can enjoy more preferential tax 
      More flexible credit mode and amount 
      Enjoy a price advantage based on the batch purchase by Minsheng Financial Leasing 

      Business mode
      Supported by the business platforms in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin and Ireland, Minsheng commercial aviation will actively explore innovative mode according to the market situation and customer demand, and at present, mainly develops operating lease, financing lease, sales & leaseback, structural tax leasing and assets package trading and other business.  
      Professional team 
      We have a professional team which members are from major commercial banks, airlines, engine manufacturers and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. With long-term experience, we can implement custom design of trading structure suitable for the characteristics of the industry, enterprise and equipment according to the project requirements, which fully meets diversified and personalized needs of clients.
      Synergy of shareholders
      Adhering to the good tradition of Minsheng Bank and relying on the strong support of shareholders, Minsheng Financial Leasing will integrate the resources of the Group and provide customers with more competitive services based on a variety of traditional and innovative structural financing.
      Classic cases
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